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7 Ladder Safety Tips to Help You Avoid Injuries

Ladder Safety Tips

From changing your fire detector to cleaning the gutters, some jobs just can't get done without a ladder's help. But, it's important to follow a few rules to ensure you remain safe and injury-free as you complete your task. Here are seven safety tips to consider before you step on the first rung.

1. Ensure the Ladder is Sturdy and in Good Shape

  • Make sure all joints and nuts and bolts are tightly connected
  • Make sure all of the rungs are secure
  • Ensure the ladder extension locks and the feet are in good working order
  • Never climb a damaged or bent ladder

2. Place Your Ladder Appropriately

  • Place the ladder on a firm, level surface and ensure a secure footing
  • Never place a ladder on a potentially unstable surface, such as a pallet or scaffold
  • Do not fasten multiple ladders together to make them reach further
  • Ensure the ends of ladder rails are firmly supported
  • Only use ladders in the vertical position

3. Take Reasonable Safety Precautions

  • Do not place a ladder in front of a door that opens toward it
  • Never extend a ladder before setting it up
  • Do not over-extend the ladder
  • Only extend a ladder from the ground up, never from the roof down
  • Do not use a ladder in high winds

4. Wear Proper Footwear

Shoes with leather soles should not be worn while climbing a ladder. The American Ladder Institute recommends wearing clean, slip-resistant shoes.

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Replacing Garage Door Weather Stripping

Garage Door Weather Strip Replacement

Garage door weather-stripping serves a couple of important purposes. One is to act as a buffer between the cement floor and the bottom of the door. The other is to protect the interior of the garage from certain weather conditions and rodents. There are many things that can cause the deterioration of garage door weather-stripping so you should check its condition every fall when the rest of your home is being prepared for winter.

There are a few things to look for when trying to decide if your garage door needs new weather-stripping. The seals around the top and sides of the door are generally made of flexible neoprene rubber strips. These strips can become dusty and deformed, causing them to pull away from the door. When this happens, they need to be replaced.

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Warmer Weather is Here So Let's "Spring" Into Home Maintenance

Spring Into Home Maintenance

The sun is getting higher in the sky and the days are starting to get longer....time to get out there and take on those spring projects! Now that the snow is gone it’s the perfect time to do some repairs, check for damage and prepare your garden and/or home for the summer. Here are some terrific things you must survey for proper spring home maintenance.

Exterior Woodwork Should Be Resealed

Each year—or every two years—it’s a good idea to reseal or stain your wooden fences, trellises, decks, pergolas, railings and other outside structures. Doing so will keep them in good condition and they’ll last for many years—not to mention they’ll look like new. But before you start this project, look over each of these structures and perform any necessary repairs.

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Tips for Keeping Your Lawn Properly Maintained This Spring

Tips for Keeping Lawn Properly Maintained

With Spring officially upon us, it is once again time to get your yard back in pristine condition. However, lawn maintenance requires more work than simply mowing your yard. There are a variety of steps you will need to take in order to ensure that you have a beautiful, lush, green yard to enjoy with your family this summer. Here are a few of the steps you can take to prepare your lawn this spring.


Once your yard appears healthy enough for work to be done on it, the first thing you will want to do is clean it up. Dead grass, as well as leftover lawn clippings and leaves, can accumulate on your lawn and get matted down into thatch. Thatch is problematic as it can prevent lawn growth, and can also lead to pest infestations and fungus growth. It is then important to start your spring lawn maintenance by giving it a good going over with a lawn rake with stiff tines, or with a dethatching rake, to remove as much of this thatch as possible to help give your lawn the best chance of growing healthy.

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Creative Tips for Organizing Your Shed

Tips for Organizing Shed

Spring is around the corner, and it would be thrilling to once-and-for-all organize your shed to make chores a little more tolerable. Honestly, with a little research and planning, organizing your shed is enjoyable. You may also be surprised how much you can utilize that you already own. So relax and check out these ideas to get you on your way to a shed that's more than a pile of storage.

First, you must envision how you can use the space from floor to ceiling to get the most out of your shed. Some items must remain on the ground such as the lawn mower and snow blower. Most other items you can keep up off the floor with some creativity. Here are some tips to organize vertically:

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