10 Paint Colors for Your Kitchen to Make It Shine

It’s time to repaint your kitchen and you know what that means—a trip to the store and then coming back home to do the time-consuming task of sorting through lots of paint swatches and all the different hues that you picked out. It can be daunting but there is good news: there are specific colors that will really make a kitchen come to life. To help you out, this week, we’re exploring the perfect paint colors for a kitchen.

Perfect Kitchen Paint Colors

4 White Hues

Nowadays, white is “in” for kitchens. Yet there are way too many shades to pick from! So we’ve narrowed it down for you to the top four.

  • Ballet White – If you have a more modern kitchen, this white will look terrific on the walls. Based on the natural light that shines through your kitchen windows this paint color could have a slight tint of gray or beige. It looks awesome with clean-lined cabinets.
  • Decorator’s White – You won’t find any undertones in this white! It’s crisper and cleaner than any other white which is why it’s a splendid selection for a kitchen.
  • Precious Pearls – If you’d like to give your kitchen an upscale appearance then cover your walls with this lovely shade. This white has an opalescent, lightly shimmering undertone that looks gorgeous in any kitchen.
  • White Dove – This white has a natural look that’s warm with just a touch of gray. If you have some art to display in your kitchen, this paint color is a marvelous backdrop for it.

If you decide on an all-white kitchen remember you can select brighter pops of color for your backsplash and countertops. Have fun with it and create that “wow” factor.

Shades of Grey

Grey is a neutral color and just about every color can be matched with it and your kitchen will look stunning. If your cabinets are off-white, a light grey like Winter Solstice will make them pop. If you have darker cabinets then perhaps you’d want a classic, light grey on your walls like Revere Pewter. Greys with a touch of green or blue look very classy and, remember, grey doesn’t just have to be for the walls; painting your cabinets a dark or medium grey will make a statement as well.

Woodlawn Blue

This paint color will look fantastic on your kitchen walls or cabinets. This blue’s base is just dark enough to prevent it from going over to the baby blue side. Blue shades are cool and calming and not usually a good kitchen color. However, if you want a cottage feel to your kitchen then blue will work well—maybe a Silver Mist color with just a hint of grey. You could also think about just painting the bottom cabinets and using more blue elements around the kitchen.

Red Obsession

Granted, a red kitchen isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But if you have dark cabinets and want to spice things up then this bright shade of red is the way to do it. Painting your cabinets, one wall or light fixtures red is thought to stimulate everyone’s appetite. If you don’t care for this bright red, there are other shades such as maroon or brick red that could make your kitchen pop.

Golden Yellow

This bold shade of yellow goes well with everything. It goes particularly well with white or wood-tone cabinets. But you should be careful when using a bright yellow such as this; like red, depending on the shade, yellow can be eye-popping. Although, like whites, yellow reflects light and can make a dark kitchen seem bright and cheery—even on cloudy days.

Wasabi Green (or Apple Green)

Do you dare to use green in your kitchen? If you have a completely white kitchen this vivid, leafy green could work for a punch of color. Have some fun with it—use it on your cabinets or island; incorporate it into a backsplash if your kitchen has modern materials and stainless steel appliances. If you like green but would prefer something not so startlingly bright, there’s muted olive green or sage. Also, Granny Smith Apple is a good choice; the shade is still vivid but won’t overpower you.

Every color presented here will do something different for your kitchen; yet each color will make that space welcoming and warm. Contact us if you’d like help painting your kitchen—or any other chore on your list that you don’t have time to do.

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