Age Appropriate Chore Chart Fun for Kids

At All Chores No More, we love working together as a family. If you find your children are getting in the way of getting things done, you can try involving them more in the work. It will keep them busy while allowing your family to enjoy some quality time together. Making a chore chart can make work more fun, especially when your child is rewarded after checking off all of their tasks. You can list out each child's name with their daily tasks and post it on your refrigerator or their bedroom door.

Make Chore Charts Fun for Kids

Here are some age-appropriate chores for your kids’ chore chart:

Age 2 to 3

  • pick up toys with your help
  • take dirty laundry to the laundry basket
  • dust with a water spray bottle and rag
  • clean up small spills

Age 4 to 5

  • make up their bed
  • pick up their toys
  • help prepare food and set the table
  • carry in lighter groceries
  • fill up pet's food and water bowl
  • match socks from clean laundry

Age 6 to 7

  • make their bed
  • clean room
  • brush teeth
  • vacuum own bedroom
  • fold and put away their laundry
  • empty indoor trash cans
  • put away clean dishes

Age 8 to 11

  • take care of personal hygiene
  • clean room
  • wash dishes
  • wash the car with supervision
  • clean the bathroom with supervision
  • rake leaves
  • clean and fold their own laundry
  • take trash out to the curb for pickup

Age 12 to 13 *including any of the above plus...

  • mow the lawn with supervision
  • baby-sit younger siblings (age varies by state)
  • prepare occasional family meal
  • maintain personal items - recharging batteries, setting alarm clock, etc.

Age 14 to 18 *including any of the above plus...

  • responsible for all library books and library card
  • yard work as needed
  • wash windows
  • earn all spending money
  • housework and yard work as needed
  • help with deep cleaning of house including cleaning of appliances or organizing shelves and closets

Turn your child's unlimited energy into something productive. Be sure to give praise after their daily accomplishments to keep them motivated. Make it fun younger kids by awarding stickers for each day or a special candy bar at the end of the week. If there are any chores that are too big for you and your children, call us and we will accomplish it for you.

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