The Top 5 Outdoor Landscaping Trends of 2016

Conservation, comfort, and innovation were leading landscaping trends in 2016, along with a revival of the edible garden and the ever prioritized low-maintenance objective.

2016 Landscaping Trends

Low-maintenance Landscaping

According to the Houzz Landscaping Study, the majority of surveyed homeowners prefer the ease of maintenance in the functionality of their landscaping. Drought-tolerant and native species have continued to gain space in home gardens, as they require significantly less water, fertilizer, or energy from homeowners in order to thrive. Many businesses are now catering to this growing low-maintenance trend, and local nurseries and landscapers are directing clients toward the best native and native-adapted plant selections for their areas.

Water Conservation

Drought conditions over the last several years inspired a 2016 increase in rainwater harvesting, drip irrigation, and permeable paving. Storing water in rain barrels for controlled, direct garden application ensures that plants will get as much as they need when they need it, while permeable paving makes use of rainwater that would otherwise be runoff. These methods all have the added benefit of reducing maintenance time in the garden or yard, and whether adopted by choice or as a result of water restrictions, they prove themselves reliable alternatives to traditional irrigation.

Edible Gardens

Edibles and ornamentals; more homeowners in 2016 enjoyed growing them side-by-side. Backyard vegetable gardens have always been around, but more and more, vegetables can be found in front yard gardens or mixed in with the potted flowers on the patio. It's hard to beat the joy of preparing food from plants that you've nurtured right in your own landscape, and the homeowners who seek this satisfaction seem to be growing in number.

Comfortable Outdoor Lounging

As inside life continues to demand more of our time and attention, it seems the desire for sunlight, soil, and delicious home-grown food, for many, only grows stronger. It's no surprise that one of the top 2016 landscaping trends is upgrading outdoor furniture and relaxation spaces. Tables, firepits, and benches top the list for outdoor living space investments, with upgrades to the play areas of children and pets trailing close behind.

New Technology

LED lighting has been around in landscaping for a while now, yet, it's taken a new turn with the integration of smart home technology. The freedom that homeowners now have to control and manipulate their landscape lighting provides not only convenience but the ability to customize design schemes. Smart home technology is also finding its way into landscaping through smart irrigation systems, and there are even lawnmowers out there that drive themselves now.

Free time and water resources will continue to become more scarce and we're likely to see these landscaping trends continue in 2017. Contact All Chores No More and learn how we can help you maintain, upgrade, or enhance your landscaping so that you have more time to enjoy it.

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