Father's Day is almost here and if you act fast, you still have time to make dad something from the heart. From your husband’s job at the warehouse to a simple drive to the local junk yard, pallets are either taking over your life or easily found along the road of it. Whether they come free or at a super-low cost, here are 3 ways to repurpose those old pallets and make them into something beautiful and new with your children.

fathers day

For the Grill-Loving Dad: A Pallet Herb Display

What you’ll need:

If your husband or father is a burger chef, it only takes a few items to transform a pallet into an herb planter. Start out by sanding your pallet, dusting it off and giving it a fresh coat of paint. Once dry, you can weather your paint by sanding in a few corners and areas across your pallet. Next, measure out the distance that you want each jar to be from the other. Mark where the holes will go for each bracket. Secure each pot on to the pallet with a bracket and drill in a screw on each side.

For the Booky Dad: Pallet Literary Art

What you’ll need:

Got a favorite quote or verse that is special to you and your family? Give the pallet a fresh coat of chalkboard paint. Let it dry. (Some need to cure overnight.) Once dry, jot down the quote and change it out as you like. There are plenty of examples of chalkboard art online to help you to create beautiful letters that will change the look of your décor weekly.

For the Caffeinated Dad: A Pallet Coffee Table

What you’ll need:

Pallets make a great coffee table if you have a weekend to transform them. Secure legs to the bottom of the pallet by screwing downward into the leg from the top of the pallet. Next, sand any rough places, remove any remaining dust and paint your finished work. Set the table aside to dry. You may wish to distress the paint by going over random areas with sandpaper. You could even collage the table with pages from your favorite book. If you do wish to embellish your table, remember to go over the project with a sealant so that nothing penetrates the table to ruin your hard work.

Pallets are an inexpensive way to decorate your home but also a great way to pass the time. For next to nothing, you can add a little personality to your home and create a space that speaks to everyone inside it... especially dear old dad.