From changing your fire detector to cleaning the gutters, some jobs just can't get done without a ladder's help. But, it's important to follow a few rules to ensure you remain safe and injury-free as you complete your task. Here are seven safety tips to consider before you step on the first rung.

Ladder Safety Tips

1. Ensure the Ladder is Sturdy and in Good Shape

2. Place Your Ladder Appropriately

3. Take Reasonable Safety Precautions

4. Wear Proper Footwear

Shoes with leather soles should not be worn while climbing a ladder. The American Ladder Institute recommends wearing clean, slip-resistant shoes.

5. Use Caution When on the Ladder

6. Use the 1:4 Rule

For every four feet of working length, the ladder's base should be one foot away from the top support.

7. If in Doubt, Use a Spotter

If you are uncertain about your safety, delay the project until a second person can act as a spotter and hold the ladder at the bottom.


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