Garage door weather-stripping serves a couple of important purposes. One is to act as a buffer between the cement floor and the bottom of the door. The other is to protect the interior of the garage from certain weather conditions and rodents. There are many things that can cause the deterioration of garage door weather-stripping so you should check its condition every fall when the rest of your home is being prepared for winter.

Garage Door Weather Strip Replacement

There are a few things to look for when trying to decide if your garage door needs new weather-stripping. The seals around the top and sides of the door are generally made of flexible neoprene rubber strips. These strips can become dusty and deformed, causing them to pull away from the door. When this happens, they need to be replaced.

The rubber or vinyl weather-stripping applied to the bottom of the door is highly vulnerable to corrosion. Look for cracks, holes, and any spots where the seal is pulling away from the door. One test that is suggested is to stand in the garage with the door closed during the day. Any parts of the seal allowing light or drafts mean that the seal is not performing as it should. Another signal the seal should be replaced is more than a trickle of moisture coming in under the door.

Because the garage door is often the biggest entryway into one's home, having effective weather-stripping is the best way to keep your home protected from the elements. The professionals at All Chores No More are qualified to handle this maintenance, as well as many other home repairs and routine maintenance.