Warmer Weather is Here So Let's "Spring" Into Home Maintenance

The sun is getting higher in the sky and the days are starting to get longer....time to get out there and take on those spring projects! Now that the snow is gone it’s the perfect time to do some repairs, check for damage and prepare your garden and/or home for the summer. Here are some terrific things you must survey for proper spring home maintenance.

Spring Into Home Maintenance

Exterior Woodwork Should Be Resealed

Each year—or every two years—it’s a good idea to reseal or stain your wooden fences, trellises, decks, pergolas, railings and other outside structures. Doing so will keep them in good condition and they’ll last for many years—not to mention they’ll look like new. But before you start this project, look over each of these structures and perform any necessary repairs.

Check Out Your Roof

The winter storms can do lots of harm to your roof; plus removing three feet of snow and ice from your roof could inadvertently damage it too. So now is the time to inspect it for pitted or rusted flashing, missing or curled shingles and cracked caulking around skylights, pipes and other things. If you’re okay with getting up on your roof to have a look, then do so with a securely placed ladder. Otherwise, you can examine your roof from the ground with a pair of binoculars. If you spot any destruction, you can do the repairs yourself with safety equipment or you can call a professional roofer.

Examine Pathways and Driveways

The freezing and thawing ground can do harm to asphalt, concrete and other materials. Walking around your property to observe the damage to your paths, driveway and walkways is a must. Asphalt is a simple patch job. But if you have concrete walkways, look for movement or cracks and be sure they drain away from your foundation. You don’t want water in your basement! Cracks can be filled with a silicone caulk or concrete crack filler; yet if there are too many cracks, the slab may have to be replaced instead. When that’s done, seal the concrete slabs.

Set Up Maintenance for Your Air Conditioning Unit

It’s a hot spring day—time for you to turn the a/c unit on! Your home is cooling down so the system’s working fine, right? Well, maybe. But, like your heating unit and furnace, to keep the a/c running as smoothly as possible it needs to be serviced each spring by a licensed professional. To do your part to ensure it’s performing efficiently, change the filters every season.

Be On the Look-Out for Termites

Springtime is the time for termites to swarm and you should keep an eye out for these nasty creatures from March through June. If you discover these winged insects flitting from a hole in your home’s woodwork, it’s a good bet you’ve got termites. Don’t deal with them yourself; call a licensed pest control company to get rid of them.

Pressure Wash and Paint

After the long winter, your home’s paint or siding will need to be pressure washed to prevent mold growth. If your home's painted, check for peeling or chipped paint as you’re pressure washing; if you find some you need to remove it and do a little spot painting. Never leave the wood bare to the elements or it will start to rot—then you’ll have even more problems to deal with!

Inspect Window and Door Screens

Screens are a marvelous invention, aren’t they? They leave the bugs outside while bringing the beautiful breeze inside. Yet they only work correctly if they don’t have any tears or holes. So don’t install them until you’ve carefully perused every screen for even the tiniest tear or hole and fix them if you find any. How do you make repairs to a screen? Your local home improvement or hardware store will have the necessary screen repair kit to do the job.

Oh, and you don’t want to forget to prep your lawn equipment, clean your gutters, examine your foundation and chimney and check for dead trees or tree limbs on your property that need to be cut down. If you need help doing any of these tasks, please contact us. We’ll be happy to tackle some—or all—of them for you!

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