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Avoiding the "Brrrrr" How to Winterize Your Home

How to Winterize Home

When that first winter wind hits you in the face and sends a shiver from your head to your toes, you know it's time to fortify your home against the cold! Although many people think that their house stays "warm enough", there are several things you can do to improve the efficiency of your heating system to keep your loved ones cozy all winter long!

  1. Furnace Maintenance. While the sound of it may turn you off, the truth is you’ll spend a little money now and it will save you a lot in the future. Not only will it help your furnace operate on fewer resources, it will also prevent the furnace from dying unexpectedly some frigid night when the last thing you want to do is deal with repairs. Simply have your furnace inspected once a year and remember to change the filter every month or so.
  2. Insulating Windows. Although this may take a little bit of your time, it will save enough money to make up for it! You can purchase window insulating kits from many stores; and, if they are applied well, you can hardly tell they're on. Just take your time and do it right.
  3. Adjust the Thermostat. If you know that you'll be out of the house for any significant amount of time, be sure to turn down the heat. If it's too hard for you to remember, you can install a programmable thermostat and set the time that you'll be gone at work every day, or whatever schedule you like. It won't take long to heat the place up again!
  4. Ceiling Fans. Usually fans have a switch to determine which direction the blades spin. Remember that hot air rises; make sure that your blades are pushing the air down so that the heat is put to its optimal use.
  5. Bake Cookies! Although this may seem like an unusual piece of advice, it is surely bound to make everyone happy, as it creates a cozy quality-time experience that will fill your home with heavenly aromas.

For any more tips on how to prepare your home for winter, contact us. We specialize in preventative maintenance as well as many types of repairs and ongoing chore services. We will be happy to serve you!

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3 Tips for Cleaning Your Gutters and Keeping Them Clean

Tips for Cleaning Your Gutters

No one likes cleaning their gutters. It's a dirty job, and occasionally an outright disgusting one. But it needs to get done and we’ve got some tips to make sure it gets done with a minimal amount of fuss and inconvenience.

Here are our 3 tips for successfully cleaning your gutters:

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The Top 5 Outdoor Landscaping Trends of 2016

2016 Landscaping Trends

Conservation, comfort, and innovation were leading landscaping trends in 2016, along with a revival of the edible garden and the ever prioritized low-maintenance objective.

Low-maintenance Landscaping

According to the Houzz Landscaping Study, the majority of surveyed homeowners prefer the ease of maintenance in the functionality of their landscaping. Drought-tolerant and native species have continued to gain space in home gardens, as they require significantly less water, fertilizer, or energy from homeowners in order to thrive. Many businesses are now catering to this growing low-maintenance trend, and local nurseries and landscapers are directing clients toward the best native and native-adapted plant selections for their areas.

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How to Winterize Your Home for a Cozy Season

How to Winterize Home

Winterizing your home will make a chilly season more tolerable on your comfort and your checkbook. Follow these tasks yearly for safety reasons, to save money on heating costs, and to maintain your home properly.

Get the Most out of Your Heat:

  • Insulate pipes and hot water heater. The warmer you keep the pipes and water heater, the warmer the air remains while flowing through them.
  • Add insulation. Mainly to any areas void of insulation or that are not insulated properly. 
  • Caulk and spray foam. This is helpful around door frames, windows, and sliding glass doors.
  • Eliminate other drafts. This can be done by blocking the bottom of doors with "draft snakes" and applying plastic to windows.
  • Reverse ceiling fans. By utilizing your ceiling fans on reverse, the heat circulates throughout your house.
  • Shut off or block vents. Especially any vents that are unnecessary (spare rooms).

Quick & Easy Fixes:

  • Change furnace filter. Do yourself a favor and buy a multipack so you can responsibly change your filter every 4-6 weeks.
  • Use programmable thermostats. These range from reasonably priced that you can program, or you can really improve your home technology and get a wi-fi capable thermostat that you can access from your phone. Regardless, any of them are great money savers over time.
  • Drain hoses, rain barrels, and any other water containers. Remove hoses from outdoor spigots, drain them, coil them up, and store indoors. Make sure all outdoor water spigots are turned off.
  • Keep gutters clean. Water built up due to clogs in a gutter can get messy once a thaw occurs.

Miscellaneous Helpful Tips:

  • Clean your ducts. You can do this yourself if you feel they're not too bad with a vacuum cleaner. But if you have pets and/or have never cleaned your ducts before, you may want to determine a thorough cleaning solution. This will eliminate dust and "stuff" from blowing around your home.
  • Use humidifiers. Especially throughout your home, or consider installing a humidifier onto your furnace.
  • Order propane during off-peak season. That’s when you’ll get the best deals, and check your levels regularly to ensure you do not run out!

At All Chores No More, we are here to assist you with your maintenance and preventive needs. Contact us today so we can help make your winter relaxing and warm.

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