5 Energy Efficiency Tips for Older Homes

Old homes waste energy like a Hummer goes through gas. It's inefficient and costly. You may think you're only options are to put up with high utility bills forever or sell your old home. But there are so many energy efficient tools available to help homeowners upgrade their old homes. Selling does not have to be an option. Here are 5 tips to make your old home more energy efficient.

Energy Efficiency Tips for Older Homes

1. Replace Windows & Doors

The single-paned windows of older homes are a big source of energy loss in your home. Old poorly insulated doors also contribute to energy loss. The ideal solution is to replace all old windows with double-paned windows or Energy Star-qualified windows. This upgrade will drastically help cut costs on energy bills. However, replacing windows can be expensive. A cheaper alternative is to add caulking and plastic insulation to windows and doors. It will help cut costs but not as drastically.

2. Replace Lightbulbs

Replace your old incandescent light bulbs with the more energy-efficient CFL or LED lightbulbs. CFL and LED lightbulbs use three-quarters of the electricity used by incandescent bulbs. Those savings add up.

3. Replace Toilets & Faucets

Old homes have water guzzling toilets and faucets. Luckily, replacing them is not as costly nor as difficult as replacing your old windows. Investing in low-flow toilets, faucets, and showerheads can save you up to 77% of your water usage. That's a lot of savings.

4. Add Insulation

Older homes often lack adequate insulation. Inadequate insulation results in insufficient heat and cooling of the house. To evaluate the level of insulation, have an energy assessment or home energy audit performed on your home. Additionally, investing in insulating your attic can also save on energy bills.

5. Replace Old Furnace

Old furnaces and boilers efficiency range from 56% to 70%. That's a 30% to 44% energy loss. Replacing old heating systems with modern heating systems can increasing your efficiency from 56% to 98.5%. That is a huge saving on your energy bill, especially for homes located in colder climates.

If you'd like some help upgrading your old home to be more energy efficient, contact us.

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