Why Change My Locks?

There are many benefits of changing locks, including preventing break-ins, lost keys, and a change of roommates. However, the reasons to change your locks go beyond simple repair and prevention.

Why Change My Locks? Preventative Maintenance Tips

  • Wear and tear. A damaged, worn, or rusted lock is a liability, not only due to being a security weakness, but these locks often deny the homeowner or renter access. Standing in the cold for fifteen minutes trying to turn the key isn't worth the small amount of money saved by not replacing the lock. Remember, if it's this difficult now, there will come a day (sooner than you think) when you're locked out.
  • You find yourself frequently losing keys. Isn't this a key, rather than lock, problem? Not necessarily. If this is something that happens often, consider getting a combination door lock such as the SmartCode. Most such locks also have a keyed lock as a backup if the code is lost or if the keypad malfunctions. Combination locks are also useful if service people (housekeepers, repairmen, etc.) need access while you're away. It's easier, and safer, to change a code than give out keys.
  • Change of situation/renter. In this case, it is probably not necessary to replace the entire lock unless it's already in bad shape. Have the lock re-keyed. The pins and springs in the lock cylinder are removed and replaced with new pins and springs which work with a new key. Another benefit of re-keying is that if the lock was originally construction master-keyed, as in many single-builder communities (which sometimes allows access by as many as 16 different keys), re-keying removes this feature.

Proper, functioning locks are an important part of home maintenance and shouldn't be overlooked. If you need to replace, repair, or re-key your door locks, we have a team of skilled labor workers to help you with a quick fix or provide ongoing service. All Chores No More is the "key" to your home maintenance needs!

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